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After graduating in 1979 with an Art History degree from VCU, I worked writing and illustrating interpretive programs for the National Park Service, the Virginia State Parks and numerous historical organizations.
When we started a family, I created the Little Bunny books for my daughters. The stories filled our lives when my children were young.
I made stuffed Little Bunnies that had a habit of disappearing when other children came over to play. Through the years I made dozens of stuffed bunnies, as well as Little Bunny calendars, pillows, plates and cups, lots and lots of coloring sheets and even a Little Bunny clock. Little Bunny was always a “she” in our house, but I made sure the books never refer to Little Bunny as either a boy or a girl so Little Bunny would be relevant to all children.
My grown daughters convinced me to put the Little Bunny worksheets on the internet and to offer the books through Amazon’s Kindle.
Each of the Little Bunny books is the direct result of something that happened with one of my daughter’s. They were created specifically to try to address the frustrations my daughters were experiencing as young preschoolers.
For example, I Want was inspired by a trip to through the grocery store with my two year old, who grew increasingly frustrated as we wound through the aisles, each shelf lined with tempting goodies.
I often thought about the values I wanted my daughters to have in adulthood and tried to reflect those values in each of the books. After a trip to the playground where my daughter whined about not having a playmate, I thought about how I would want her to cope when she was an adult and going through a life stage without a lot of readily available peers. I decided I would want her to be confident and comfortable with herself and wrote Best Friend.
Rainbow Sprinkles was suggested by my husband after he spent a meal trying to convince our daughter that she could not have candy for dinner.
The entire series was inspired by my daughters and the experiences we had.
Alice with little bunnies
You may notice Little Bunny as well as the writing changes a bit from book to book which is the result of the books being written over a 10 year period.
I sincerely hope the Little Bunny series is as fun and joyful for your family as it was for us.
  Sincerely,                                                                                                                                   Dianne Miller

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